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Our recommended products and services

We have curated a selection of products and services that will help take your financial skillset to the next level. We fully support and utilize the applications mentioned below:

Benjamin Talks - Benji Bank

Benjamin Talks a is a platform designed to educate, engage and empower children with the financial foundation they need to thrive. Through online programming and the "Benji Bank" tool, kids gain essential tools to learn about money today and build financial fitness for the future.


Use our discount code "WSS10" for a 10% discount at the follow link


Keyficient | Learn Keyboard Shortcuts Effortlessly

Keyficient is a tool that makes you more efficient in Excel, PowerPoint & Word by teaching you keyboard shortcuts while you work. When you use a mouse to perform a function, Keyficient will provide a non-intrusive pop-up to suggest the corresponding keyboard shortcut for that function.


Use our discount code "thewallstreetskinny" for 10% off at the following link

keyficient 1_edited.jpg

Nuts & Bolts PowerPoint Training

Nuts & Bolts Speed Training is a leading provider of PowerPoint training, serving a wide variety of fields including consulting & investment banking, advertising & marketing, and sales & business development.

We have tried their courses and believe in their product!

Link: Master PowerPoint and Create Compelling Presentations

Link: PowerPoint Templates

Link: Free Microsoft Word Tutorials

Link: Corporate Workshops and Training Programs

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